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Best Practices

Best Practices For Writing Classes

Writing a class is very similar to writing a book. When writing a book, you need to look on how to organize ideas into chapters. Then you'll need to organize a chapter into multiple headings. If a heading contains too much information, it would be important to add subheadings to keep readers on track. This organization fits perfectly when coding your next project. The chapters in ...

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Best Practices

Best Practices for Functions

This article will provide guidance on how to improve the readability, scalability, and secure functions. When Should a Function be Created A function is a couple of statements that make up a single ...

6 min read
Best Practices

Keep Code Simple

To keep the code simple, you need to keep the following in mind: No over-architecture No unused/commented-out code Only code for the current use cases Use built-in types or methods as much ...

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Best Practices

Clean Code Principles

Principles When writing code, it is important to understand that someone needs to be able to review your code. For that it's important to follow a set of guidelines and principles in order ...

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